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k for college graduate▓s is a growing problem in China. It became an even harder task for the 6.1 million June graduates after the country began to feel the affect

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since the o▓pening of her store in early March, at a rate of ten yuan for an hour and 100 yuan for a day. Anyone for Da Vinci's Mona Lisa composed of Chinese cabbage, kelp,▓ celery, tofu, pepper and potatoes? Or a last Supper, lovingly prepared with ginger

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mushrooms, bean curd, seaweed and rape? A C▓hinese artist is taking the sensual side of food to its ultimate extreme, by recreating Western masterpieces out of vegetables and photographing▓ the results. On today's the List, let's see how the artist chops, slices and eats her represen▓

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old masters. "La Liberte guidant le peup▓le", or Liberty Leading the People, is a painting by Eugene Delacroix commemorating the July Re▓volution of 1830. It's also the inspiration of Ch▓inese artist Ju Duoqi's "Liberty Leading the Vegetables".Chinese

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hroom, potato, seaweed, radish▓ and a bunch of wooden toothpicks, that's all she needs for breathing new life into ordinary vegetables.Artist Ju Duoqi said, "I pick two potatoes, a big one and a small ▓one. There are some little pits on the small one, which

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eyes and a nose. I see a vivid facial expression on it. With the help of lights, y▓ou will see it more clearly on the photo." The dif▓ferent types, shapes and colors of vegetables, with a bit of rearranging, can make for a rich source of ▓imagery. Fresh, withered, rotting, dried, pickled

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fried - and all with a dash of digital manipulation - Ju presents a puzzling series of vegetable compositions representing world famous paintings, such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa by Leo▓nardo Da Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh's Self Portrait.To Ju, ?/p>